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Süleyman Karagülle
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326 Okunma, 4 Yorum


Bu yazı Fehmi Koru’nun 05.08.2020 tarihli yazısına yorum olarak kaleme alınmıştır. Yazının linki aşağıda yer almaktadır.


AK Parti korona virüste, ekonomide, yap-işlet modelinde çok tehlikeli yollar izlemektedir.  Türkiye’yi yıkacak yollar izlemektedir. Türkiye’nin bu hususta yapacağı iş:

  1. Hazine ve Merkez Bankası döviz rezervinin tamamını altın rezervine çevirmeli. TL Altın bonosu ile alınıp satılmalı.  Tüm arz ve talep karşılanmasında alış satış karsız olmalıdır.
  2. Tüm borç ve alacaklar altın bonosuna çevrilmeli. Borçlar merkezi oluşturulmalı. Herkes merkeze borçlu ve merkezden alacaklı olmalı.
  3. Ödemeler faizli enflasyonlu TL üzerinden olmalıdır. Borçlanmalar ise altın bonosu üzerinden olmalıdır.
  4. Bankalar altın bonosu üzerinden faizsiz yaşama, çalışma ve yatırım kredileri vermelidir. Dengeli tam istihdam ve üretim geçekleşmelidir.


Siyasi politikada:

  1. Türkiye İran’la asla karşı karşıya gelmemeli. İslam alemi bölünmemelidir.
  2. Rusya ve AB’nin yanında yer almalı. Bunları uzlaştırmalıdır.
  3. Sermaye-Devletler çatışmasında devletlerin yanında yer almalıdır. Sermaye’ye karşı cephe almalıdır.
  4. İsrail devletini tanımalı. Sınırları Tevrat’ın çizdiği sınırlar kabul edilmelidir. İsrail Sermaye, Çin ve ABD’den uzak tutulmalıdır.

Erdoğan yeniden Kur’an düzenine dönmelidir. Reçede de Adil Düzen reçetesidir. Eczane Akevler’dir.

       Ordumuza arz ederim. Ümitle bekliyorum. 



Sam Adian

Gold is just a product. It is not a tool for determining value because it is produced by labor like all other products. So the value of gold is only as much as the labor expended in its production.


A product produced through labor cannot determine the value of labor. Labor only determines its own value.

Therefore, your gold bond proposal is the same as the "gold indexed money" concept that is already valid. Of course, this may be your opinion. However, this is not the book's opinion or recommendation. So you are wrong.


Money has no value. It does not represent a value no matter which product it is indexed to. Money is merely a means of measuring produced value. "Value" consists only of labor spent per unit time. That is, it is only "Labor" that determines value.


Debt or credit does not mean anything other than maintaining existing practices. In fact, there is no need for the borrowing or lending. Not need dept or credit. In fact, capital already exists. Wherever there is land and man, there is capital. All you have to do is direct the capital rightly.


The way to do this is very simple. Annual savings per capita in your country are around 3 thousand dollars. In other words, your country has 246 billion dollars to invest per year.


How will you use this?

You will first establish an investment/deposit bank. The people will invest their savings in this bank. The savings collected should be transferred to the pre-planned areas as capital, again through a central organization, and the shares of the investments should be given to the depositors as much as the investment rate.


In other words, whoever has how much money is used for investment has rights over the income of that amount of investment. All of the businesses/investmets/establishments belong to the public and there is no business ownership. Therefore, nobody can claim rights on the property of the enterprise other than the income generated by the investment.


Depositors can sell their shares in investments whenever they want and get their money back. Or they keep their share in investments and continue to benefit from investment income.


It's a very short and very simple method. There is no need to borrow in any way, and it is not necessary to give credit to any investment or business.


Since there is no land ownership, the enterprises have to pay a share for the land allocated to the investments. In other words, only businesses pay tax from their profit. Investments that do not generate direct income, such as health, education, R&D, are covered by the taxes paid by businesses and the share to be separated from the income obtained from the operation of natural resources and land allocations. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to pay income tax or any tax.

You cannot change the amount of labor that has been spent in a circle. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about inflation. Labor will also determine its own value. Simply put, the amount of national income per capita corresponding to a unit of time refers to the "smallest value".  For example, suppose the national income per capita is $ 5 per hour. So a lowest-tier worker will receive $ 5 per hour worked. As you can see, you don't need to negotiate wages or set a minimum wage. Labor has already done this for itself.


Prices are determined only in production. The value of a good consists of the amount of labor spent on its production and the associated marginal utility. (Profit) In other words, the amount of labor spent for a product from the moment it is produced until it reaches the consumer and its marginal utility determine the final price of the product.


Don't worry, thinking the prices will be high. If you distribute the national income in a balanced way, you give purchasing power to the people. Also, if you make consumption-based production, every product you produce will be sold. As you can see, you have determined both wages and prices only through labor, without any price bargaining. You have ensured that the people get an equal share of the national income. So you have enabled the people to reach prosperity.


Don't tell us tales of capitalism. Start talking about the Quran. This is not from the Koran what you say.

Sam Adian

The Quran does not have a state understanding. The Koran only suggests an institutionalized society. The meaning of this is simple. every institution is a state in its own right, but there is no people to govern. It just runs his business.


Laws are for institutions only, and each institution makes its own laws. So these laws only bind experts (Mu’min). When we say this, you are putting the "traffic rules" in front of us. But remember, traffic rules are for goods, not people. When you craft an item, you have to say how it should be used. Traffic rules are nothing more than this.


There are also those who claim that the state and laws should exist because of "damaging" acts such as theft and murder. First of all, there is no punishment for murder in the Quran. There is no punishment for theft too. We would like to remind you that the assumption that the concept of "adultery" is "crime of sexuality" is not due to the book, but because of your comments.


If every individual in a society has an income from the moment he was born, if they have the land to live on, if they can work, if they earns equal income with everyone, if they can buy whatever they wants or need, can you tell me why would this person commit a crime?


There is no law for people, no punishment, no guilty. All of them for institution. When a person goes to work, it is limited by the rules of the workplace. This is all.


There is no universal definition of crime and punishment. So crime and punishment were only invented by humans. The reason for this is obvious. All problems arise due to the inability of the people to reach what is right, to plunder natural resources, to transform the land into property, and the right to property built on them.


There is no property right in the land. You just return the landed property to its natural state and all your problems will disappear. Your need for the state will also disappear.


Like we said, don't tell us conventional fairy tales. Start talking from the book so we can listen to you.

Do not tell us "qisas" stories either. First, explain the difference between "qisas" and "qissa", then we will listen to your stories.

Sam Adian
In our opinion, Islamists do not have to do anything. There is really nothing they can do, they just talk and blame others.

There are no civilization suggestions, nor a new paradigm or a new system proposal. They hold on to methods that are already applied and proven to be unsuccessful. They feel they can get people in line with the rules because they don't have system recommendations.

In reality, the Islamists prevent the understanding of the book, as well as preventing those who only offer something for humanity.
You, Mr. Karagülle, you are talking about discussion, but basically not discussing with anyone. You impose your beliefs on those who try to discuss with you. This won't do you anything. Because your beliefs and past or present practices are already known. You need to gain new perspectives. Of course you also need to understand the book. Not to believe.
Sam Adian

Since I used the word "Bank" in the above text  my friends said that it would not be understood, it should be explained.They stated that you would probably claim that it would not be possible to create a bank. Indeed they are not considered unfair.

"Bank" is the most practical method known to explain how to institutionalize. However, this is a "non-profit" bank. It is the most valid institution in terms of execution and reliability. But it doesn't have to be a bank. For example, cooperatives that you constantly claim can also do this.  Of course with banking experience.

The cooperative can replace the bank if it has sufficient expertise in planning, depositing and securing, organizing and financing investments. However, a cooperative in the sense that you run is absolutely useless.

First of all, although it is not for profit, it has to be professional. There should be sufficient knowledge in terms of project planning, resource evaluation, efficiency calculations and establishing the necessary infrastructure for sustainability. All of the investments belong to the depositors. However, there is no ownership right on the enterprise. Each participant gets a share of the income in proportion to their participation.

The cooperative also does not have a right to accrue a right owner, shareholder or privileged income over the enterprise. The cooperative is only obliged to channel depositors' deposits into investments and to distribute the income generated from the investments in proportion to their participation. Due to this responsibility, it cannot demand any commission or charge from depositors or businesses.

In normal conditions, the bank should be financed with taxes. However, since public institutionalization does not exist yet, it can take a share from the enterprises to be deducted from a certain amount of tax. This share cannot be more than the tax that the business/enterprise must pay.

In other words, the enterprise gives a share to the cooperative instead of paying taxes. Thus, the expenses of the cooperative are covered. Instead of wasting time using your cooperatives for unproductive purposes, it would be more beneficial to use them for building a sustainable system that generates income for its participants.

The cooperative cannot get any share from the process under any circumstances. Only an amount sufficient to cover its expenses can be transferred to the cooperative to be deducted from tax. It cannot charge any other service fee or fee. This is already the task of the bank or the cooperative replacing the bank.


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